A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::WifiActionHeader::ActionValue Union Reference

typedef for union of different ActionValues More...

#include "mgt-headers.h"

Public Attributes

BlockAckActionValue blockAck
 block ack More...
MeshActionValue meshAction
 mesh action More...
MultihopActionValue multihopAction
 multi hop action More...
SelfProtectedActionValue selfProtectedAction
 self protected action More...

Detailed Description

typedef for union of different ActionValues

Definition at line 935 of file mgt-headers.h.

Member Data Documentation

MeshActionValue ns3::WifiActionHeader::ActionValue::meshAction
MultihopActionValue ns3::WifiActionHeader::ActionValue::multihopAction

multi hop action

Definition at line 938 of file mgt-headers.h.

Referenced by ns3::WifiActionHeader::GetAction(), and ns3::WifiActionHeader::SetAction().

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