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ns3::AttributeValue Class Referenceabstract

Hold a value for an Attribute. More...

#include "attribute.h"

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Public Member Functions

 AttributeValue ()
virtual ~AttributeValue ()
virtual Ptr< AttributeValueCopy (void) const =0
virtual bool DeserializeFromString (std::string value, Ptr< const AttributeChecker > checker)=0
virtual std::string SerializeToString (Ptr< const AttributeChecker > checker) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::SimpleRefCount< AttributeValue >
 SimpleRefCount ()
 Default constructor. More...
 SimpleRefCount (const SimpleRefCount &o[[maybe_unused]])
 Copy constructor. More...
uint32_t GetReferenceCount (void) const
 Get the reference count of the object. More...
SimpleRefCountoperator= ([[maybe_unused]] const SimpleRefCount &o)
 Assignment operator. More...
void Ref (void) const
 Increment the reference count. More...
void Unref (void) const
 Decrement the reference count. More...

Detailed Description

Hold a value for an Attribute.

Instances of this class should always be wrapped into an Attribute object. Most subclasses of this base class are implemented by the ATTRIBUTE_HELPER_* macros.

Definition at line 68 of file attribute.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AttributeValue()

ns3::AttributeValue::AttributeValue ( )

Definition at line 37 of file attribute.cc.

◆ ~AttributeValue()

ns3::AttributeValue::~AttributeValue ( )

Definition at line 39 of file attribute.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Copy()

◆ DeserializeFromString()

virtual bool ns3::AttributeValue::DeserializeFromString ( std::string  value,
Ptr< const AttributeChecker checker 
pure virtual
[in]valueA string representation of the value
[in]checkerA pointer to the checker associated to the attribute.
true if the input string was correctly-formatted and could be successfully deserialized, false otherwise.

Upon return of this function, this AttributeValue instance contains the deserialized value. In most cases, this method will not make any use of the checker argument. However, in a very limited set of cases, the checker argument is needed to perform proper serialization. A nice example of code which needs it is the EnumValue::SerializeToString code.

Implemented in ns3::TupleValue< Args >, ns3::WifiModeValue, ns3::SsidValue, ns3::OrganizationIdentifierValue, ns3::UanModesListValue, ns3::PriomapValue, ns3::QueueSizeValue, ns3::Mac64AddressValue, ns3::Mac48AddressValue, ns3::Mac16AddressValue, ns3::Ipv6PrefixValue, ns3::Ipv6AddressValue, ns3::Ipv4MaskValue, ns3::Ipv4AddressValue, ns3::DataRateValue, ns3::AddressValue, ns3::WaypointValue, ns3::RectangleValue, ns3::BoxValue, ns3::ValueClassTestValue, ns3::Vector2DValue, ns3::Vector3DValue, ns3::UintegerValue, ns3::TypeIdValue, ns3::StringValue, ns3::PointerValue, ns3::PairValue< A, B >, ns3::ObjectPtrContainerValue, ns3::ObjectFactoryValue, ns3::TimeValue, ns3::LengthValue, ns3::IntegerValue, ns3::EnumValue, ns3::DoubleValue, ns3::CallbackValue, ns3::BooleanValue, ns3::EmptyAttributeValue, and ns3::AttributeContainerValue< A, C >.

◆ SerializeToString()

virtual std::string ns3::AttributeValue::SerializeToString ( Ptr< const AttributeChecker checker) const
pure virtual

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