Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation Module (v2.0)

The quantum key distribution network simulator (QKDNetSim) is a simulation module designed to expend NS-3 network simulator with QKD network functionalities⁠. The main purpose of the network simulator is the analysis of different approaches to QKD network organizations, simulation of networking technologies considering integration of QKD systems into existing telecommunications networks with reference to network security.

Here we presents a vastly expanded model of the Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation module (QKDNetSim). It is set to become the essential tool for testing novel network management methodologies applied to QKD networks. QKDNetSim v2.0 module is not compatible with QKDNetSim version 1.0. This module is written independently and from scratch.


The QKDNetSim (v2.0) source code is free for download from “https://github.com/QKDNetSim/qkdnetsim-v2


Web interface

Web interface is publicly available via www.open-qkd.eu


Dervisevic, E., Voznak, M. and Mehic, M., 2024. Large-scale quantum key distribution network simulator. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 16(4), pp.449-462. doi: 10.1364/JOCN.503356