A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
+ Collaboration diagram for Events:


 MakeEvent from Function Pointers and Lambdas.
 Create EventImpl instances from function pointers or lambdas which take varying numbers of arguments.
 MakeEvent from Member Function Pointer.
 Create EventImpl instances from class member functions which take varying numbers of arguments.


file  event-garbage-collector-test-suite.cc
 EventGarbageCollector test suite.
file  event-garbage-collector.cc
 ns3::EventGarbageCollector implementation.
file  event-garbage-collector.h
 ns3::EventGarbageCollector declaration.
file  event-id.cc
 ns3::EventId implementation.
file  event-id.h
 ns3::EventId declarations.
file  event-impl.cc
 ns3::EventImpl definitions.
file  event-impl.h
 ns3::EventImpl declarations.
file  make-event.cc
 ns3::MakeEvent(void(*f)(void)) implementation.
file  make-event.h
 ns3::MakeEvent function declarations and template implementation.
file  scheduler.h
 ns3::Scheduler abstract base class, ns3::Scheduler::Event and ns3::Scheduler::EventKey declarations.


struct  ns3::Scheduler::Event
 Scheduler event. More...
class  ns3::EventGarbageCollector
 An object that tracks scheduled events and automatically cancels them when it is destroyed. More...
class  ns3::EventId
 An identifier for simulation events. More...
class  ns3::EventImpl
 A simulation event. More...
struct  ns3::Scheduler::EventKey
 Structure for sorting and comparing Events. More...

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